POPAI University Master’s Program

The POPAI University Master’s Program is a rigorous and challenging educational program that requires academic application and performance with great rewards — the ability to understand the basics of the rapidly changing shopper marketing industry blended with insights into where the industry is headed.

Did you know that the POPAI University Master’s Program gets you 2/3 of the credits you need to get MaRC-certified?

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  • I absolutely loved the materials we were given to take back to our teams and reflect upon. I also loved the size of the program and the content; and the topics I knew little of were presented in an engaging manner.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program
  • The variety of topics/speakers was really strong, and all of the presenters were extremely knowledgeable. The facts and discussion presented were all so relevant.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program
  • All of the speakers did a very good job of keeping us engaged; they knew their stuff. It was a great networking event as well as educational; to meet the rest of the people in our class was a great networking opportunity. What we got was a highly relevant, better understanding of shopper marketing.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program