POPAI Canada U Master’s Program & On The Road

Join us for our first-ever Master’s Program in Canada! Master’s is a rigorous and challenging educational program that requires academic application and performance with great rewards — the ability to understand the basics of the rapidly changing shopper marketing industry blended with insights into where the industry is headed.

Time Strapped? Enroll in the POPAI U on the Road Program. It’s the four classes on the first day of Master’s.

Did you know that the POPAI University Master’s Program gets you 2/3 of the credits you need to get MaRC-certified?

Learn More About MaRC Here!

  • I absolutely loved the materials we were given to take back to our teams and reflect upon. I also loved the size of the program and the content; and the topics I knew little of were presented in an engaging manner.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program
  • The variety of topics/speakers was really strong, and all of the presenters were extremely knowledgeable. The facts and discussion presented were all so relevant.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program
  • All of the speakers did a very good job of keeping us engaged; they knew their stuff. It was a great networking event as well as educational; to meet the rest of the people in our class was a great networking opportunity. What we got was a highly relevant, better understanding of shopper marketing.
    POPAI 2012 Master's Program